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Notso coolio?

2008-11-24 16:43:55 by Shadowscythe26

So I've been hanging about here for a bit and I decided to submit just a couple of the songs I made. I didn't expect hordes of recognition but I hoped I'd get decent ratings anyways. I put some work into those, yada yada. But I guess you guys don't especially like them. That's okay, I've never been too much of a musician I'll admit. Guess I should move on.

I'd like to post up a few of my flash games, but most of the ones I have actually completed are failures from 2006 when I was still learning. Really simple stuff, not the best code-work. One of these days I'll get something neat up here, probably. We'll see.

EDIT: oh except I'm still uploading songs whatever


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2008-12-08 19:33:18

Hello, this is Spyrox6. Raggle Fraggle.

Shadowscythe26 responds:

Hello Spyrox6. Fraggle raggle.